Therapeutic Steam Treatments

Steaming the body is a wonderful way of helping a number of ailments. The steam along with the healing benefits of the medicinal herbs use can help to remove stagnation within the body hence allowing the body to self-regenerate.
Our personalized steam sauna is completely private, allows you to steam from your neck to your feet, while you lay comfortably on our treatment bed.
Our Treatments are completely private, allowing you to deeply relax and unwind. The head and neck are not heated during a Steam treatment, making it more comfortable and avoiding the dizziness and overheating associated with regular saunas. You will be lying down (not sitting) allowing even blood circulation and deeper relaxation

Our Treatments

Basic Body Steam

The generated steam penetrates muscles and tissues, helping with the movement of blood, lymph and any other stagnation in the body while relaxing tight muscles.

  • 15 mins $60  | 20 Mins $70
  •  25 mins $80  |30 mins $90
  •  40 mins $100
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