Hands & Feet Care

Our hands and feet care treatments are here to take care of the most overworked parts of your body. Regular manicures and pedicures are important to keep nails in good condition, and leave hands and feet moisturized and soft. Whether you want to pamper yourselves or stay healthy, a mani-pedi is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Hands & Feet Care


Our pedicure in a full treatment for your feet, nails and cuticles. This treatment involves nail shaping, cuticle clean up, callus (dead skin cells) removal, feet exfoliation, Feet moisturizing, mini feet massage and an optional regular or gel nail polish.

  • Pedicure: $90
  • Couples pedicure: $170
  • French tip pedicure: $115
  • Gel Polish Pedicure: $115
  • Gel Polish:   $50
  • Gel Removal:  $15
  • Kids Pedicure (5 to 12):   $60
  • Teens pedicure (13 to 16 yrs):  $75
  • Teens Gel Polish Pedicure (13yrs  to 16yrs):  $100
  • Repolish: $30

Nirvana’s Signature Pedicure

This treatment is a complete feet care that comes with a pedicure, knee to feet exfoliation, knee to feet hydrating mask and a knee to feet massage Swedish massage.

  • Signature Pedicure:  $175
  • Gel polish Signature pedicure: $200
  • French tip Signature pedicure $200

Therapeutic Heated Mineral Jelly Foot Soak

The ultimate feet spa experience for relaxation using heat therapy jelly which soothes aching joints and muscles and helps with circulation. This treatment also comes with a foot massage. Our Jelly soak is free of harmful chemicals or preservatives, and is fully bio-degradable.

  • 30 – mins  – $70
  • 50 – mins- $130

Hands Treatment


Our Manicure is a general cleanup of the nails and cuticles. It involves nail shaping, cuticle clean up, exfoliation, moisturizing, mini hand massage and an optional regular or gel nail polish.

  • Manicure: $80
  • Gel polish manicure: $100
  • French tip manicure: $100
  • Kids Manicure (5yrs to 12yrs) :  $50
  • Teens manicure (13yrs to 16 yrs): $ 65
  •  Teens Gel Manicure (13yrs – 16yrs): -$90

Nirvana’s Signature manicure

Is a relaxing hydrating hand care that will leave your hands silky smooth. This treatment comes with a manicure, hand exfoliation, hydrating mask and a hand massage.

  • Signature manicure -$150
  • Gel polish Signature manicure : $175
  • French tip Signature manicure : $175
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