Detox & Support Programs

Harmful chemicals are found everywhere. In our food, air, water, skincare and cleaning products. When these harmful chemicals mix with our modern lifestyles it becomes a recipe for imbalance in the body and causes us to become unwell. Detoxing is one of the best ways to rid the body of toxins and congestion by assisting the organs that deals with waste elimination. All herbs used in our detox programs are a combination of western and ayurvedic and are tested and proven with high efficacy and can be found in the herbal pharmacopoeia.

Simply Detox

Our simply detox programs are a combination of herbal supplements paired with food therapy that is aimed to cleanse, invigorate, balance and energize the body. All our cleanse includes targeted herbal supplements or powdered herbs that works synergistically to heal the body, food therapy suggested meal plan ideas, and telephone support.

Liver and Blood Cleanse              

This cleanse includes 4 powerful liver and blood cleansing herbs that are designed to combat the  day to day influx of toxins into the body.

  • 1 Month EC$500

Kidney and Urinary Cleanse

This Cleanse may help the kidney get rid of  stones and built-up sediments and allows the smooth flow/ functioning of the urinary system. 

  • 1 month EC $500

Skin Cleanse

This cleanse is ideal for a wide range of Dermatological skin imbalances like acne, psoriasis and eczema and more. 

  • 1 Month EC $500

Colon and Weight loss Cleanse

This Cleanse allows the removal of impacted fecal matter from the large intestine. Cleansing the colon can prevent auto-in toxification.

  • 1 months EC $500

Heavy Metal Cleanse

Our heavy metal cleanse assists in removing toxic metals like lead, mercury and arsenic out of the body These chemicals enter the body through chemicals in food, Skin care products, water and the environment. 

  • 1 Month EC $ 600

Parasite Cleanse

Parasite can enter the body from consuming uncooked foods, improper hygiene, contaminated water and from animals. Parasite cleanse helps to destroy the those harmful organisms and its eggs.

  • 1 Month EC $600

Full Body Detox

Our full body detox is a comprehensive cleanse that can help to cleanse the major organs (liver, colon, kidney, stomach lungs, bladder, lymphatic system etc.) in the body from any stagnation or built-up waste that prevents the organs from performing its duties at the highest level possible which is keeping the body functioning optimally. Our full body detox is a great way to maintain or take back your health. This cleanse is great for preventative health and it can be recommended for any health challenges you might be experiencing.
Our full body cleanse includes herbal supplements or herbal powders for each aspect of the body, a 5 days special detox food, a manual liver and gallbladder flush pack, food therapy meal plan ideas and the option of an oxygen colon cleansing supplement or a colonic hydrotherapy.

Full Body Cleanse with Oxy

All the aspects of this cleanse are done in the comfort of your home. This cleanse comes with herbal supplements, a special detox food, a liver and gallbladder flush pack, meal plan and a oxygen cleanse supplement to help with the removal of any toxin debris to get out of the body Of the body via the colon.

  • 1 Month EC $ 1000

Full Body Cleanse with Colonic Hydrotherapy

All the aspects of the oxy cleanse is included in this cleanse along with a colonic hydrotherapy  and probiotic supplement. The colonic not only help to cleanse the colon from any toxin debris but it also help to cleanse the colon walls from any built-up residue. The probiotic is also given to help maintain the good bacteria in the colon. 

  • 1 Month EC $1500

Customized Full Body Cleanse

This cleanse is customized to meet your goals. A detox consultation is needed and 2 business working days to prepare your package. 

  • In Person EC $ 100

All service times are estimated. Services time can be shorter or longer from the estimated time.

Disclaimer: Our services, treatments, supplements and detox programs are for the sole purpose of relaxation,selfcare and general wellness.
Any information provided on this website is for the sole purpose of education. Nirvana Health Spa Detox Centre & Natural Health Store / Nirvana Natural Health Clinic does not diagnose, treat or prescribe medical or pharmaceuticals for any physical illness.

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