Colonic Hydrotherapy and Herbal Enemas

Our colonic hydrotherapy and enemas is the administration of herbal medicine in liquid form into the colon via the rectum to help with the evacuation of impacted fecal matter, retained gas and other waste materials and to help with a number of health issues.

Colon Hydrotherapy or Colon Irrigation

Colon hydrotherapy softens and loosens fecal matter by allowing a small amount of temperature and pressure controlled filtered water to flow into the colon via the rectum. This helps to facilitate the evacuation of impacted fecal matter, retained gas and other waste materials through the natural action of the colon. The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste may be repeated several times during a session.

  • 45 minutes -$500.00

Colon Hydrotherapy with Enemas

An enema is the administration of different substances/ medicine in liquid form that enters into the sigmoid colon and possibly the descending colon to help with a number of health issues. After the colon is properly cleanse from any debris, the chosen treatment enters the body via the rectum. The nutrient/properties are then absorbed by the intrahepatic circulation in the colon for 15 mins and is then release out of the body.

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema (Organic coffee) helps to detoxify the liver and stimulate the gall bladder to remove toxins. Helping clean the colon walls. Stimulates Bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine. Promotes improved digestion. Speeds up detoxification process.

  • 1 hour -$650.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Chamomile Enema

Chamomile Enema helps help hemorrhoids, gently soothes and cleanses the colon, gently cleanses the liver, helps relieve nausea and promotes relaxation.

  • 1 hour –  $650.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Parasite Cleanse Enema

Parasite Cleanse Enema (wormwood, black walnut and clove) Cleanse the colon of parasites. Possible signs of Parasitic Infestation are: stomach pain, constipation, joint or muscle pain (inflammation), infections i.e., bladder, vagina, lungs etc., food and environmental allergies, itching, eczema, hives swelling, rashes, anemia, fatigue, drowsiness.

  • 1 hour -$750.00

Colon Hydrotherapy with Green Tea Enema

Green Tea Enema helps releases antioxidants into the bloodstream, helps replenish the good bacteria into the large intestine, and is known to help with IBS and Colitis.

  • 1 hour-$650.00

Colon Hydrotherapy with Fennel Seed Enemas

Fennel Enema helps calm the nervous system, relives gas, helps get rid of worms, detoxifying and stimulates digestion.

  • 1 hour –   $650.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Wheatgrass Enemas

Wheat grass Enema stimulates and cleanses the liver in the same way as for the coffee enema, the mixture is absorbed through the hemorrhoidal vein, into the hepatic portal vein and into the gallbladder and liver. it will also add oxygen to the whole body, it will increase energy levels, the wheatgrass will increase peristaltic action of the colon and will help get rid of old feces.

  • 1 hour  –   $650.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Aloe Vera Enema

Aloe Vera Enema is good for hemorrhoids, works as an anti-inflammatory, promotes the right PH balance within the bowels, assists in the production of friendly bacteria to the large intestines, known to help with IBS and diverticulitis.

  • 1 hour  – $750.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Neem Enema

Neem Enema is good for conditions of amoebic intestinal infections and ulcerative colitis. Neem is effective in removing parasites and fungal infections. Its anti-bacterial properties completely detoxify the guts of any build-up, the breeding ground for infections.

  • 1 hour-$650.00

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Chlorophyll Superfood Enema 

This enema uses Spirulina and Moringa, two of nature’s most richly dense superfoods. High in minerals, both spirulina and moringa helps detoxify the blood and bowels, antioxidants protect cells from damage and repopulate good bacteria. 

  • 1 hour $750

Colonic Hydrotherapy with 3 Enemas

Choose any 3 enemas to add to your colonic hydrotherapy and enjoy the benefits in one treatment. Choose from chamomile enema, green tea enema, fennel seed enema, wheatgrass enema and neem enema.

  • 1 hour $750
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